Annabel’s February reads

I read 10 books in February  (one not pictured, and I’m counting the 3 Ladybird expert books as 1 as they total approx 75 pages of text).

Strictly speaking, the Ladybird books and my tenth book – the new Sarah Dunant were cheats, as I got them this year – but both were to be reviewed for Shiny New Books, so are among my permitted exceptions, as not for my blog.  Will you allow me that?

Of the rest, three came from my TBR shelves (Peake, Porter and Zink), the rest were review copies I had before Jan 1.  I’d particularly recommend Paradise City by Joe Thomas (reviewed here), Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller and English Animals by Laura Kaye.)

Can’t wait to hear how my co-host Lizzy is doing, and you too…

Have you cheated yet? Is it still fun?

2 thoughts on “Annabel’s February reads

  1. Now that my wrapup post has been published, I can reveal that I read 10, 9 of which were TBR dare reads. After reading Stasi Child in Jan, I couldn’t wait any longer to read Stasi Wolf!

    9 added to 11 from January gives me a running total of 20 off the pile.

    Full wrapup post at

    March, however, is going to be tricky as Ayewrite! (Glasgow’s Literary Festival) is slap bang in the middle, following which I’m packing my bags and jetting off to …. somewhere else. (Destination to be revealed nearer the time.) Of course, I have new books for both those events and so rather than treat 6 books as exceptions, I’m going to call it a day on the TBR Dare mid-month. So I expect to add 3-4 books to the tally. (2 of which are 500 pagers.). That would make for a total TBR Dare count of 24 – which is not too shabby at all.

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