How’s it going?

We’re a couple of weeks into the TBR Dare for 2017…

I’ve read three books and have another 2 on the go. I’d have hope to read more, but the start of this January has turned out to be rather hectic.

Like Lizzy, I’ve managed to sort out a couple of carrier bags full of books to go to the charity shop too – which is a bonus from taking part in the Dare – in one way, freeing up shelf-space for books to come 🙂 , but also trying to reduce the number of books in my TBR piles just a little bit.

However, if you find it difficult to get rid of books, you can be heartened by this article In Praise of the Book Tower.

Happy Reading


The 2017 TBR begins…


2017’s TBR Dare is officially underway.

But as this is a friendly dare rather than a challenge with targets, it’s never too late to join in. To see how it works and to sign up visit the tabs above.

As your hosts, Annabel and Lizzy will be popping in to update you on their progress regularly and we’d love you to share yours too – whether you’re managing, or cheating!

Happy TBReading!